• 3 month program
  • 6 coaching sessions
  • The entire plan is virtual, can be done at home or anywhere
  • program comes with shopping lists, recipes, workout examples and more
  • each program is modified to individualize the health plan to your needs
  • Free consultation (call or email to set up), see below for details of consultation

I provide individualized health plans for women suffering from painful periods, caused by endometriosis. I guide you to a healthier lifestyle. I improve your nutritional health; diet, gut health, healing herbs. physical health; physical activity, strength training, endo healing exercises. Mental health; sleep, stress, anxiety, and depression. this program is designed to lead you to little to no pain during your period but also improve your total quality of life, by increasing energy, reducing pain, and boosting confidence.

3 month gut heals period pain program:

  1. NOURISH: During this stage of change you will start feeling more energized, confident and bloating will begin to reduce.
  2. HEAL: During this stage of change you will have clearer skin, smooth digestion, and period pain will begin to improve
  3. BALANCE: During this stage of change you will feel less stressed, there will be weight loss, and you will feel your healthiest with little to no period pain because of a healthy gut.

By the end of the program you will have an understanding of how nutrition, physical activity, and mental health will improve and heal your endometriosis.

call for a FREE consultation:

During this consultation we will:

  • go over program in more detail
  • discuss your short and long term goals
  • discuss what you want and need from a wellness coach
  • explore your background and health history
  • answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • discuss program price

monthly payment plan available, call or email for more information